Using Pushgateway for Prometheus custom metrics

This blog explains steps for deploying pushgateway and prometheus on Red Hat OpenShift 4. It may help you if you have need to collect some custom metrics in Prometheus from your application or some script. Login to OpenShift cluster # oc login --token=$(TOKEN)--server= into as nkathole using the token provided.You have access to 63... Continue Reading →

Flock to Fedora 2019 – Budapest

This was my First year when I attended Flock. It was an amazing experience. Some quotes from the event: "If You Want to Go Fast, Go Alone. If You Want to Go Far, Go Together." "Engineers say they hate process. But I think engineers secretly love process. It's just that when it works, they call... Continue Reading →

DevConf CZ 2020 – Brno

I had an opportunity of attending the Devconf, which was hosted in Brno, the beautiful city of Czech Republic. DevConf.CZ 2020 was the 12th annual, free, Red Hat sponsored community conference for developers, admins, DevOps engineers, testers and other contributors to open source technologies. I reached Brno one day (23rd Jan) before the conference and... Continue Reading →

Configuring VNC server on RHEL

When you want to access display of remote server, setting up VNC server is the best option. The usecase can be opening browser for Kerberos SSO testing or anything else. Let's see how you can setup VNC server and open browser of remote system. 1. Install tigervnc on local system to access remote display. yum... Continue Reading →

Fedora Women’s Day – 2019

Fedora Women’s Day (FWD) is a one day event celebrated across the world, mostly during the month of September, in collaboration with open source communities to bring visibility to female contributors in open source projects, including Fedora, headed by Fedora’s Diversity and Inclusion Team. Amita Sharma spoke with some college faculties, came up with the... Continue Reading →

Ansible and Foreman – Collaborative Meetup

Foreman has nice integration with Ansible, allowing organizations to run playbooks against the hierarchy and groups of servers defined in Foreman. Additionally, AWX can dynamically update its inventories with hosts and their updated facts from Foreman at anytime and much more. Keeping this in mind and to make people aware about Foreman, Ansible and AWX... Continue Reading →

Foreman Pune Meetup – March 2019

It was again an another amazing edition of the Foreman Meetup. This time we were focused on the newcomers to Foreman Project and people who are always enthusiastic about contributing to the open source. Thus, the agenda for the meetup was to let everyone understand the importance of documentation and how important it is for... Continue Reading →

FreeIPA integration with Foreman

FreeIPA is an identity management system providing centralized authentication, authorization and account information by storing data about user and groups. Foreman allows you to integrate FreeIPA server for deriving users and user group permissions from user group in an external identity provider. Thus, no need to create users and maintain their group membership manually in... Continue Reading →

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