Let’s Contribute to Foreman and Robottelo

The post describes how you can contribute to Robottelo. You can take a look  at following GitHub link for project: https://github.com/SatelliteQE/robottelo Robottelo is a test suite, which automates testing for Foreman/Satellite. It provides two test suites, one for testing Robottelo itself and another for testing Foreman/Satellite 6.Foreman is an open source complete life cycle systems... Continue Reading →


University Connect – RIT, Islampur

And here comes the day, We RITians, were eagerly waiting for. The Red Hat Pune team visited Rajarambapu Institute of Technology, Islampur on 29th April, 2017 as a part of University Connect Program. Rupali Talwatkar, Varsha Kate, Ganesh Kadam, Satyajit Bulage, Sachin Patil, Prathamesh Chavan and Kenneth Dsouza were the members who represented Red Hat... Continue Reading →

Let’s OpenStack 2017, Pune

Indian OpenStack User Group hosted "Pune, Let's OpenStack 2017" event on 16th April, 2017 at Red Hat, Pune (India). The meetup was attended by over 40 people from varied backgrounds: startups students, InStackers, developers, etc. The day kicked off with introduction, networking and discussion around OpenStack. Then the crowd settled in to listen to Unmesh... Continue Reading →

A day out with raspberry pi and Python

Woo! It was so exciting, Python Pune community organized "A day out with raspberry pi and Python" event as a part of March Python Pune meetup, 2017. This was my first PythonPune meetup. I have always wanted to attend such nice event. I had a great time in this meetup.It was on Sunday, 26th March, 2017... Continue Reading →

Open Source Days @ RIT Red Hat Academy

The Red Hat Academy of our college, Rajarambapu Institute of Technology had celebrated 'Open Source Days' at Department of Computer Science and Engineering, from 14th March to 18th March 2017. There were different webinars on the the latest working Open Source technologies in the market which are to be delivered by some good Open Source... Continue Reading →

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