Let’s OpenStack 2017, Pune

Indian OpenStack User Group hosted “Pune, Let’s OpenStack 2017” event on 16th April, 2017 at Red Hat, Pune (India). The meetup was attended by over 40 people from varied backgrounds: startups students, InStackers, developers, etc. The day kicked off with introduction, networking and discussion around OpenStack.

Then the crowd settled in to listen to Unmesh Desale from redhat. He kicked off session with giving introduction about RDO.


Prasad Mukhedkar (@eprasad) from redhat gave presentation on “OpenStack Infrastructure Management using Cloudfroms/ManageIQ”. It was a nice presentation & gave complete picture how we can manage large OpenStack environment efficiently.

C9g-CsmW0AENe6H.jpg large

Udayendu Kar (@UdayenduKar) from avaya  was next with presentation followed by demo on writing a heat template to make catalog and deploy the solutions through Murano. The demo was interesting & a lot many questions were asked & answered.


Last session on “Effective integration of devops tools with Heat to have ready to work environment” by Anandprakash Tandale(@AnandprakashTan) from redhat . He was the youngest presenter of the day. He talked about Heat, Puppet, their integration and how this could be leveraged by Devops.


Thanks to chandan kumar (@chkumar246), Janki Chhatbar(@jankihchhatbar) and  redhat team for hosting the meetup & providing us with coffee/lunch.

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